Our port operations history, which began in the year 1996 with the Limar Kumport Terminal (currently known as Marport East Terminal), has expanded with the Marport Main Terminal in 2001 and the Marport West Terminal incorporated into our structure in 2003. The completion of West Terminal's modernization project has increased Marport's annual throughput capacity to 1,900,000 TEU.

By completing the Main Terminal section of the Container Terminal Expansion and Modernization Project in 2004, not only did Marport increase the capacity of both the loading areas and of the quay, it also turned into a terminal with an annual capacity of 770,000 TEU, that is capable of accomodating post panamax vessels with capacities in excess of over 4,000 TEU. This terminal was incorporated as the Marport West Terminal in 2003. Having achieved a job volume of 127,455 TEU during 2006, Marport West Terminal's job volume capacity is projected to reached an annual throughput of 630,000 TEU with the completion of the extension and modernization project at the end of 2006.


Geographic Position 40' 57'' North,
28' 40'' East
40' 57'' North,
28' 40'' East
Type of Freight Handled Container  Container 
  Total Area 170,000 m²  170,000 m² 
  Stacking Capacity 12,520 TEU 12,165 TEU
  Handling Capacity 950,000 TEU/Year  950,000 TEU/Year 
  Refrigerated Container Capacity 332 (380V) 160 (380V)
  CFS Area 10,000 m²  7,425 m² 
  Warehouses 3,780 m²  700 m² 
  Covered Area 4,977 m²  697 m² 
Bulk Cargo Handling Capacity
General Cargo Handling Capacity
Liquid Freight Handling Capacity
Ro-Ro Capacity
Ro-Ro Ramps 1 -
Car / Truck Parking Lot Yes Yes
General Bonded Warehouses
Enclosed Area of General Bonded Warehouses
Open-air Area of General Bonded Warehouses
Length of Piers 800 M  760 M 
  Channel - -
  Quay 14.5 M 16.5 M
2013 year performance 798,499 TEU 907,463 TEU
2012 year performance 718,543 TEU 865,344 TEU
2011 year performance 876,812 TEU 671,668 TEU
2010 year performance 1,068,583 TEU

594,968 TEU

2009 year performance 770 549 TEU 388 700 TEU
2008 year performance 749,529 TEU 503,410 TEU
2007 Year Performance 670,604 TEU 127,455 TEU
2006 Year Performance 593,148 TEU 127,455 TEU
Number of Gates
  In 5 3
  Out 6 4
Pier Cranes
  Ship to Shore Gantry Crane 6 4
  Mobile Harbour Crane 1 6
Yard Equipment
  Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane 17 18
  Top Lifter 4 6
  Side Lifter 4 4
  Spreader 13 11
  Terminal Trucks 41 41
Pilotage Times 24 Hours 24 Hours
Terminal IT System Navis Navis

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