Istanbul's first private-sector port management begins with the founding of Limar Ship and Port Operators
May 17th 1999
The 1,000th container vessel berths at Limar: Diane A
Armaport Termcinal Operators joins Arkas Holding. Marport Terminal Operators is founded.
March 24th 2001
The 2,000th container vessel berths at Marport: Diane A
December 2003
Soyak Port Operators in Ambarli joins Marport Terminal Operators.
December 23rd 2004
Marport handled its 2,000,000th TEU delivered by MSC Marina.
June 2004
Marport is able to serve post-panamax vessels with its 3 SSG (Ship to Shore Gantry) and 6 RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry) cranes.
November 2004
With the purchase of additional equipment, Marport has a total of 4 SSG's and 10 RTG's.
January 2005
The 6,000th container vessel at Marport, MSC Luisa, is also the largest container vessel to berth at a Turkish port.
March 2005
Marport implements NAVIS, the port-operation software used by 25 percent of the world's largest terminal operators.
May 2005
Marport handles its 3,000,000th TEU.
April 2006
The total number of RTG's reaches 25 with the purchase of 15 RTG's.
June 2006
The first phase of the “5 Nautical Miles Project” which was initiated to receive the quality, health, security and environment certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, is completed.
January 2007
Marport services 9,000th vessel and handles its 5,000,000th TEU.
March 2007
Marport receives OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates to become the first certified port in the Turkish sector.
August 2007
Ten new RTGs purchased: one for the Main Terminal and nine for the West Terminal. Total number of  RTGs adds up to 35 including the newly purchased RTGs.
September 2007
Six tractor trucks purchased.
October 2007
Two MHCs (Mobile Harbour Crane) purchased.
January – February 2008
Three SSGs purchased for The West Terminal go into operation.
March 2008
Start of operations for Marport Land Terminal, which began construction in November, 2007.
May 2008
Two SSGs purchased for the Main Terminal go into operation.
December 2008
Marport received 11,500 vessels by the end of 2008, since began its operations in 1996. Also another milestone was reached in 2008 by handling 7,5 millionth TEU.
June 2009
MSC Sindy, the first super post-panamax container vessel to berth at a Turkish port arrives to Marport.
September 2009
MSC Madeleine, one of the world’s largest container vessels arrives to Marport.
May 2010
EFQM – Marport recognized for EFQM excellence 3 star.
December 2010
The highest througphput performance in Marport history: : 1.664.030 TEU
December 2011
Marport handled 1.548.480 TEU

December 2012
E-RTG Project completed at Main and West Terminal. Project achieves energy saving og 85%.

December 2012
Marport Certificated according to ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System.

December 2012
Marport handled 1.583.887 TEU

November 2013
EFQM – Marport recognized for EFQM excellence 5 star.

December 2013
Marport improved his highest throughput volume: 1.705.962 TEU


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